We just released our 4th single ‘Safe’
The song is about two people doubting to get back together, knowing nothing will change.

Our 3rd single ‘We Are’!
The storie is about a guy who is running away from all things that has gone bad. In the turning point of the music video, he decides not longer to run away, but to fight against it with good deeds. Which are spreading like an oil stain to make the world a better place.

Check our second single ‘Walking Away’!

Building Bridges is our debute single! Its inspired by an ongoing friendship which gets struck by someone who completely loses himself. Together they’re Building Bridges to pick up where they left.

All songs from our EP ‘A Guide To Your Mind’ are recorded in our living room but remixed by Hans Bedeker from Highland studio’s. He formerly worked in the Wisseloord Studio’s with artists like Go Back To The Zoo, The Scene and international artists like U2, Toto, Tori Amos and The Scorpions.